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Having promoted both highly established artists and fresh newcomers from largest major labels to the newest, upstart independents, Adam Leibovitz is acutely aware of the unique model of the Smooth Jazz and Jazz formats as he engages in weekly contact with all Jazz, Smooth Jazz, and World radio outlets on behalf of your record.
ASL Music Media & Promotion is particularly dedicated to developing artists and increasing exposure at the Smooth/Groove Jazz and Jazz formats via radio airplay.  Through the utilization of format relationships, as well as a specifically designed program geared towards breaking new artists, ASL is a consistent and reliable source of the format's new talent.  ASL is explicitly committed to the infusion of new talent in the format to perpetuate a fresh sound and the development of new artists.

Adam Leibovitz Bio

Adam Leibovitz grew up with a unique love of music. From listening to the influences of his mother and father's very different and eclectic styles of music, to playing his own as a member of numerous bands.
From playing with high school buddies in a LA based rock band at legendary local venues such as the Whisky, Roxy and Troubadour, to jamming with some of Boston's best and brightest while attending Boston University, Adam cultivated his respect for the conception, performance, business, and most of all enjoyment of music.


After 3 1/2 years, Adam graduated with a BA in English and began working with a corporate Public Relations firm in Beverly Hills where he learned the important role that communication and publicity plays in every industry, but explicitly in entertainment.
While cutting his teeth under industry veteran Cliff Gorov, Adam cultivated his relationships with Smooth/Groove Jazz radio and learned the ropes of radio promotion.


Adam has promoted such artists as Norah Jones, Luther Vandross, Sade, Celine Dion, Brian McKnight, Ramsey Lewis, Seal, Boney James, Dave Koz, Diana Krall, Michael McDonald, George Benson, Chris Botti, Mindi Abair, Al Jarreau, Alicia Keys, Bonnie Raitt, Yanni, Peter White, Van Morrison, Richard Elliot, Bobby Caldwell, Norman Brown, Jonathan Butler, Tower of Power and Soul Ballet.

Adam Leibovitz is the President and founder of ASL Music Media and Promotion; a Southern California based independent record promotion and consultancy company that offers all promotional services with an emphasis on breaking new artists at the format. Throughout, his years as Smooth Jazz record Promoter, Adam has been a consistent and reliable source of the format's new talent.  For a full list of ASL artists and labels, see the Artists page.

He had served as National Director of Promotion for 215 and NuGroove Records out of Philadelphia.

In 2006, Adam joined Innervision Records as VP-A&R/Promotion.  Innervision Records is an innovative record label with a special focus on operating within the ever-changing music industry and revolutionizing the way the artist-label relationship works. Innervision specializes in Jazz, Smooth/Groove Jazz, Chill , Neo-Soul and World Music.

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