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ASL engages in weekly telephone communication to commercial stations with specialty shows, non-commercial stations, internet and satellite radio, and syndicated shows which comprise our approximately 100 station mailing list. These stations offer the flexibility to play records based on their musical merits and not as a result of music testing, research, and consultancy firms. In addition, this program offers an education of the workings of the music business and more specifically the unique model of the Smooth jazz format. After the 8 week program’s completion, we may then analyze the success, progress, and the overall reaction to your record, and specific tracks that have generated the most appeal, and present the opportunity of a higher-level, more commercial radio campaign.

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ASL and have been partners in bringing radio the newest and most exciting fresh talent in the smooth jazz format, for several great years.  From new and developing artists to established artists, ASL's partnership with offers ASL clients opportunities for great discounts and access.

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